Frequently Asked Questions


Have any queries? We have answered a few of them for you.

What is the role of a Campus Ambassador?

As our Campus Ambassador, you'll be the representative for Technovanza in your respective college. You, along with other C.A.s in your college, will be assigned tasks which need to be completed within a given span of time. Upon completion, points will be added to your account.

What are the tasks assigned to a C.A.?

Being the Campus Ambassador your job is to spread the word of Technovanza via various social media, posters, events, etc. Tasks will be categorized into Individual Tasks and Group Tasks. Group tasks will be common to a College, and the points for those tasks will be assigned to all the C.A.s of the respective college upon the completion of the task. Individual tasks are supposed to be completed by individual C.A.s .

Can there be multiple C.A.s for a single college?

For a given college, there can be a max of six C.A.s assigned. These C.A.s will co-ordinate to work on the group tasks.

Why do I have to share my address and other contact information to Technovanza?

We collect the contact information for the sole purpose of close communication with our C.A.s and to provide them with the marketing materials if needed.

Can I represent Technovanza while being a Campus Ambassador for another fests?

Yes. As long as you are dedicated towards the responsibilities of an C.A. for Technovanza, you can be a Campus Ambassador or any similar representative for other Colleges/Events too.

Do I get extra funding for event publicity in my college?

Unless explicitly specified on the website, we will only be providing posters and other marketing materials to the C.A.s .

What if I am unable to recieve mobile OTP verification?

You can opt to resent the OTP code to another device. If the problem persists, you can contact our representatives.

What will I miss if I don't opt for Facebook verification for my C.A. account? Can I link it later?

Certain tasks will be based around Facebook. A Facebook verified account allows us to keep track on your task completion. Choosing a Google account voids you from participating in those tasks. Once you create an account using Google, you cannot link it to Facebook.